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  • Published: January, 15th 2011
  • By: Taneka Street
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5 things that can kill your business

5 things that could kill your business.

by. Taneka Street
May 10, 2002

#5 Waiting (Procrastination)

- The #1 tool of any home-based entrepreneur is timing. TIming is essential when it comes to working from home.

E-mails that aren't answered can result in unsatisfied customers, or a lack of seriousness towards your offer.

Complete Business tasks promptly and keep the promises that you make. This will help reinforce your offer, and show that you are a genuine entrepreneur who is making an effort to meet your customers needs.

#4 Lack of Planning

-Planning is essential no matter how small or large your business is. The more you plan, the better off your business will be.

Plan out your yearly and monthly goals with a comprehensive business plan that includes your goals. Then plan your daily tasks to meet your goals.

At the end of the week look back at completed tasks and examine see how much closer you are to your goals. This will prevent you from getting discouraged and giving up when working from home.

#3 Unwillingness to learn

-With planning and stretching into new areas comes learning. Always endeavor to learn how to do things before you do them.

Then once the learning is done share what you learn with others. This will help you establish trust while working from home. Which will in turn further your image as a serious entrepreneur.

#2 Misuse of Funds

-We all know that every business needs some money management. Each day way too many people see starting your own business as going out and buying the latest office accessories to decorate their home office.

Eventually mis spent funds begin to eat away at the very core of the business causing a chain reaction that will eventually be the end of your company. Before you spend anything over $100 answer to yourself.

Make yourself explain how the item you buy will benefit your business. Always try to keep business costs low until you begin to make more money to replace what you spend. This will prevent the spending much needed funds that may be needed, for future investments.

#1 Giving Up

- Many times, failing and making mistakes is just a part of the complex puzzle that is working at home. No one is perfect. But we ha vent truly failed till we cease to try.

Throwing out our business plans, and simply returning to our old lives is often adopted by many newbie entrepreneurs as an alternative
to learning from our past mistakes.

Look back on past business practices, and examine what you did wrong. When you figure out what it is. Redo your planning, learn to work around your problems, and don't give up!

We are all born as lovable and capable people.

Many times what we see as failure is simply a loss of the proud memories that came with out past accomplishments. Look for them, and let them motivate you to success.

Taneka is the avid entrepreneur behind Sapphire Mall. As an affiliate/frequent customer of she endeavors to help others become true home business entrepreneurs. Get your business started off on the right foot with FREE full color business cards. Visit the new Home Business Guild at

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Copyright 2002 Taneka Street This article is free to share as long as it is publshed intact and in a anti-spam mailing list and web site.

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